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From our origins, we must live the contemplative dimension in our apostolic life aspiring to measure ourselves to the call of the gospel "Go, sell all you have, give it to the poor and come follow me."


Our spirituality is from the heritage of Saint Anthony, called the father of monastic life, the patrimony of our Maronite Church. Moreover, we draw from the charism of our innovator, Mother Isabelle Khoury, thus meaning the evangelic simplicity, family spirit and the love of the poor.


The Tau

This is the Tau or Cross of Saint-Anthony the Great (250-355).


This cross, originating in the key of life for the ancient Pharaohs were adopted by the Early Coptic Christians of Egypt.


As a Christian symbol, this cross developed a rich significance:

  • Biblical: as sign of election, salvation, confirmation;

  • Theological: as sign of death, resurrection, hope;

  • Monastic: as sign of contemplation, Virgil from the monastic tradition of Saint-Anthony and his cane.




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